In Bed With Danny Benoit

“Love” is Danny Benoit’s North Star. It’s led him across countries and continents. It was there when he served in the Gulf War (and earned three medals), when he flew planes in the Himalayas, became a digital artist at Sony Pictures, built a school in Baja, Mexico, taught yoga to Tibetan monks, crafted four award-winning beers for BrickStone Brewery (“Hop Skip n’ I’m Drunk” is officially THE best name ever). Meet the man who keeps rolling under the stars and named his sweet pup after one. The 24+ year kung-fu crescent/yoga master himself, Danny B.

Favorite song: I listen to tons of music so this is truly impossible to say. Everything from Aphex Twin to Ween. Phish to Funkadelic. Chopin to Willie. But I have listened to "Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis more than any other song in my life I'm sure.

Favorite restaurant:  Avec!

Favorite thing/prized possession:  I was on a month-long Euro road trip with my girlfriend. Driving through Western France I found this old wooden screen door standing up in the middle of a soft ditch. It had sunk into the ground just enough so it was standing up. So strange. There wasn't a house within 30 miles of this door. I was reading "The Doors of Perception" by Aldous Huxley for the first time. This was a "whoa" moment for me. I pulled over. Took the door out of the ground. Strapped it to the top of our rented Toyota Starlet. Drove through Europe with it on top of the car for a month. Been a centerpiece of my home ever since! Keep your eyes open. There are signs everywhere!! 

Favorite bar: Sitting at the open window with a big hoppy beer on a sunny fall afternoon at Map Room is pretty epic. 

Favorite place in the whole wide world: Spooning a lover on a crisp Fall night under a star-filled sky canopy in the arms of Tuolumne Meadows in eastern Yosemite.

Instagram: @yogidannyb
Facebook: Yogi Danny B
Twitter: @yogidannyb