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In Bed With
Elephant Revival

It's a cold night in Chicago when the five bandmates of Elephant Revival: Bonnie Paine (washboard/vocals), Bridget Law (fiddle), Charlie Rose (banjo), Dango Rose (bass), Daniel Rodriguez (guitar/vocals) and their bus driver, Carl Cole, make their way to European Auto (a little body shop near Lincoln Hall). With less than an hour before their show, there isn't time for a "proper" sit-n-chat, but a few things are abundantly clear: 1) Daniel Rodriguez would never survive a Chicago winter (he's wearing a sock monkey hoodie) 2) Carl looks a little bit like a ginger Santa Claus and can drive our sleigh (and/or truck) any time and 3) the music that Elephant Revival makes is a direct reflection of the enormous amount of love and joy they put into it. 

A blend of gypsy, Celtic, Americana and folk, Elephant Revival performed their hauntingly-beautiful song, "Birds and Stars", written by Rodriguez (who took time out of the band's current U.S. tour to tell us a few of his favorite things). 

Favorite song: 
Really tough to narrow down…but if I had to, maybe “The Times They Are A-Changin" by Bob Dylan. 

Favorite restaurant: 
The Santa Fe Baking Company. The chili sauce there is medicine. 

Favorite bar: 
There used to be a secret room in a bar where I grew up. The bar is called Hannifin's, and the secret room had its own separate beer taps with Guinness and Smithwick's beer. The only people allowed back there were people invited by the owner Diarmuid Hannifin. He would sing traditional Irish ballads and we would back him up on instruments as the beer flowed. Superior memories.

Favorite thing/prized possession:
Probably my new Bowerman guitar. 

Favorite place in the whole wide world:
A place called Worm's Head in Wales.

Twitter/Instagram: @elephantrevival