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Debbie MuddComment

In Bed With Leagues

It’s hard to imagine a more likable duo than Thad Cockrell, lead vocals/guitar and Jeremy Lutito, drums, two All-American musicians with equally amazing NASCAR and Grand Prix names (if they were so inclined). “We need songs that connect us,” Thad explains, and their stripped-down version of “Slow and Steady” is just that—a raw and beautiful account of the “passing of things without bitterness".

Check out Leagues’ latest (off their artful new album, “All Alone Together”) and a few of their very, very favorite things.

Favorite song: 
"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"—Tears for Fears

Favorite restaurant: 
Canlis—Seattle, WA

Favorite thing/prized possession: 
The soul.

Favorite bar: 
Bastion—Nashville, TN

Favorite place in the whole wide world: 
Positano, Italy

Twitter/Instagram: @leaguesmusic