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Debbie MuddComment


What happens when you tell your Tinder date you enjoy adventure, go hiking in the mountains, leave your phones in the car, get hopelessly lost, have to spend the night in the woods, vomit in your date’s car, then one of you loses your job? You write a song about.

Garreth Spinn, a singer songwriter in the band SAINTHOOD, took what can only be described as the world’s most tragic Tinder date and spun it into toe-tapping gold.

His band SAINTHOOD, comprised of Garreth Spinn, Bethany Frazier and Quinton Parker, melds beautiful melodies, bass and guitar to give the world some much-needed pop salvation.

“WILD" is the first song Garreth ever wrote for his leading lady and almost a year later, they’re engaged (SQUEEE!) We sat down with Spinn on a sweet night in Nashville, to talk about misadventures, music and his very favorite things.


Favorite song: I can't answer the "favorite song of all time" question but a recent favorite is Penthouse Floor by John Legend. That shit is very funky and I cannot deny it. Plus Legend's melody is very on point. 

Favorite restaurant: I've been exploring the menu at Portillo's, which has been quite therapeutic for my body, mind and soul.

Favorite bar: Mickey’s in Nashville. Great jukebox. Chill vibes. I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to bars. 

Favorite thing/prized possession: I love love love my record collection. I realize that's several things though. I've been collecting for about ten years now. I'm really proud of what I've got. If I ever have kids, it's all for them to explore and learn from. I try to make my collection as varied as possible, while still being in line with what I think is great. 

Favorite place in the whole wide world: Wrigley Field. So many amazing memories there growing up. So much history from before my time. It's honestly a place of relaxation. I don't know if any people find any sport to be relaxing but baseball is it for me. Then if it's baseball at Wrigley, I haven't a care in the world. GO CUBS!

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