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Marc Scibilia

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Marc Scibilia

In Bed With Marc Scibilia

You may have a tough time pronouncing Marc Suh-Billy-Ya's last name and an even tougher time getting his catchy tunes out of your head. A third generation, triple threat musician (guitar, piano and drums), his voice screams old soul and his hair screams "deep conditioning, flyaway fighting, full body hair gel" (ummm, it's amazing). Poised to rock the world o’ pop with his first full-length album, “Out of Style”, Marc took time out of his latest tour with ZZ Ward to share his favorite things with us.


Favorite song: 
"Imagine" –John Lennon

Favorite restaurant: 
Cafe Habana, NYC

Favorite thing/prized possession: 
My grandfather's '72 fender P-bass and Ampeg amp

Favorite bar: 
The Village Pub –Nashville

Favorite place in the whole wide world: 
Electric Lady Studios

Twitter/Instagram: @marcscibilia