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Griffin Peterson

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Griffin Peterson

In Bed With
Griffin Peterson

Griffin Peterson has the kind of smile that makes you automatically smile back…and not just ANY smile, the kind of smile most people reserve for puppies and babies dressed in three piece suits. The thing is, his music has the same inexplicable effect. It’s because you can hear the love and joy he puts into it.

Born in Oconomowoc (Ummm, is this a real place?!), Wisconsin, this lake-lovin’ youth picked up a guitar at 12, moved to Music City in college, and took the stage on American Idol by the age of 22. Collaborations with Keith Urban’s bass player and a book/album tour with New York Time’s best-selling author, Colleen Hoover of “Maybe Someday”, led to his latest album, “From All Sides”.

We shut down a sawmill (sort of) to get the Nashville backdrop for Griffin’s “In Bed With” performance of “Take Us Away”, then he shared a few of his very favorite things with us.

Favorite song:  This might be the toughest question ever, so I’m going to give my favorite song currently… All The Pretty Girls - Kaleo 

Favorite restaurant: Currently…Bel Air Cantina - Wauwatosa, WI

Favorite thing/prized possession: Currently…my in-home bar…the bartender rocks ;) 

Favorite bar: My guitar…..sss

Favorite place in the whole wide world: Wherever there are laughs, food, drink, family and friends.  I’m pretty adaptable.  Those are the essentials though.

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