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Jay Vinchi

Debbie MuddComment
Jay Vinchi


Jay Vinchi is kinda the Da Vinci of Detroit. Born in Troy, Michigan, eight miles from 8 Mile, he took the Renaissance man’s moniker because it represents limitless creativity. Jay is a singer/songwriter, hip-hop recording artist and producer, but he also wants to explore every aspect of life and sound--diving into boom bap, old school, new school, mainstream, rock and R&B.

After emerging from the underground scene in 2010, Jay gathered millions of streams and views, inked a recording deal and started performing for sold-out crowds alongside Cardi B, Machine Gun Kelly and Mannie Fresh.

As an artist, inventor and true craftsman, Jay’s music is constantly evolving like the Detroit streets he calls home. His song “Kids”, performed in front of an abandoned power plant (alongside DJ/ASAD), is an experimental blend of programmed beats and thoughtful lyrics. 

AND after we deconstructed ASAD’s homemade DJ stand (we stacked tires and plywood we found outside the power plant), Jay sat down and shared a few of his fave things:

Favorite song: Santeria – Sublime

Favorite restaurant: Any Quality Thai Spot

Favorite bar: Yard House – LA

Favorite thing/prized possession: My Freedom

Favorite place in the whole wide world: Oceanside in Malibu