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Jeffrey East

Debbie MuddComment
Jeffrey East


Jeffrey East’s beard is what legends are made of. Wild and woolly. A cross between ZZ Top and Chris Stapleton. But if the beard makes the man, the songwriting makes the music.

Jeffrey East is a man of words—and the music he pens is playful, prolific, introspective. He’s written songs for Dierks Bentley, Sister Hazel and Rascal Flatts. He even wrote the theme song for the hit TV Show, “American Pickers”.

 Born in Dale, Texas, East was the baby in a family band, touring the country and playing on stage before he could even walk (his parents would put a playpen next to them while they performed). It wasn’t till they settled in Kentucky and his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, that Jeffrey actually started writing his own music.

“Experience in life is what makes a great song”, and that’s what Jeffrey pulls from—along with his wit, his love of language and a quiet kindness. You can hear the care and the love he puts into his music.

One night in Nashville, we sat down with East to hear his incredible song, “Hands of a Woman” and a few of his very favorite things.

Favorite song: "Thanks Again" —Ricky Skaggs
Always reminds me of my parents. 

Favorite restaurant: The Little Donkey
Awesome little Mexican place close to my place here in Nashville. 

Favorite bar: Losers in Nashville

Favorite thing/prized possession: Honestly, I'm having to think way too hard to find any kind of physical item I covet that much. (Ha Ha) But I guess it'd be my guitar. Got it in 2006 when I signed my first publishing deal. Written so many songs on it, played it in so many places, and it's also signed by Willie Nelson and Randy Travis. 

Favorite place in the whole wide world: Man this is so hard. Soooo many places I wanna go and see. I love the ocean, and the northwest is absolutely stunning. But among the places I know I'd fall in love with if I ever went would probably be Ireland. So I guess it's my favorite place I've never been. 

Connect with Jeffrey:
Snapchat: eastnashville