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Allye Gaietto

Debbie MuddComment
Allye Gaietto


Allye Gaietto is the sweetest kind of surprise. A singer-songwriter from Detroit, Michigan, she’s soft-spoken and unassuming, but finds her voice, that beautiful, glass-like, pitter pat of heartbeats voice, in her music.

Her first album, “Some Kind of Heaven” has a fragility and depth that belies her years of study at the McNally Smith College of Music. We sat down with Allye after she performed her song, “Detroit City Blues”—an anthem to the city she loves and calls home—to hear a few of her favorite things.

Favorite song: The concept of a favorite song EVER is way too daunting. I’ll just say that my current jam is Feel Right by Esmé Patterson. 

Favorite restaurant: For breakfast, Rose’s Fine Food; for lunch, Mudgie’s; and for dinner, Amar Pizza is my pizza!

Favorite bar: There are so many places in Detroit to have a good drink and hear awesome music. El Club always has great sound and books amazing shows, but really I’m happy to hang out wherever I can get a beer for $3 and I like the band lineup.

Favorite thing/prized possession: I don’t like calling my cat a possession, but probably my cat. Her name is Stella and she’s the coolest. She can do a backflip and catches flies mid-air. If you ever need a cat pic to cheer you up, I’m your girl.

Favorite place in the whole wide world: Anywhere on the shoreline of a Great Lake.

Connect with Allye:
Snapchat: allye.g